Winpsheng’s Competition Is Over

- Nov 15, 2017-

Winpsheng’s competition is over.

Winpsheng from September 1 to October 31 the game is over. All the sales are divided into three groups. They are “Wolf's Fang”, “A – Dragon”, and “DYC Happy”. All the sales of these three groups are very excited and high morale. You guess who will be the final winner?

"Aaron" is the first team competition. Winner won the competition with seven Alibaba assurance orders. For individual part, Ellen is the No. 1, so amazing that she won this competition with $ 30,000 orders.

All sales assist customers with their dedicated professionalism and warm service. Let customers have high quality products. As the same time, customers can enjoy our good service. They all worked very hard in this competition, congratulating the winner. I hope everyone is getting better and better.