Why The Greeting Card Is Not Popular In China

- Aug 22, 2017-

Traditional greeting cards are very popular in Europe,USA,Japan,etc, but greeting card market is so cold in China.

First,If send a greeting card, the receiver can’t get it on time, the modern communication tools are convenient and fast,people can express their greetings/wishes so quickly.

Then, the greeting card didn’t meet the demand. Chinese market can provide

Creative products to their customers. When have a travel in foreign country,

They also buy some greeting cards that attract them, even they don’t send out.

At this stage, the Chinese people strive to material life, until the material life improved, it will pursue the spiritual level of things also. A Japanese customer talked with us, the greeting cards were popular for not very long time, when he was young, Japan's greeting card market was cold also.

So, we can expect that the greeting card will be popular after tentwenty years.