Stories 26 Pirate 22nd Farewell

- May 26, 2018-

Stories 26 Pirate 22nd Farewell

We sit face to face and talk almost a whole day, we share some stories, comment on the histories, even communicate the math, he is interested in Fermat's Last Theorem, while I am studying the Lobachevskian geometry. When the sun goes down,.he tells me that I should leave. There is one land on this island one week, it is tomorrow morning, so I have to say goodbye to him.

He lead me to the center of the city and ask his friends to take care of me for one night. When he leaves, I promise that I will write a letter to him. 

The second day, the first time I wake up, I see a dog. He is the baker I met, he brings a lot of cakes and lead me to the bus station. When I get on the bus and say byebye to him, I see he cries like a child. That's very funny and also a sense of sadness. They are all focus on their works, so they are all very sincere to others. If my hobby is cooking, I will never leave here.