Stories 25 Pirate 21st Tea 3

- May 21, 2018-

Stories 25 Pirate 21st Tea 3

I take sip from the tea in front of me, it is slightly sweet when it touches my tip of tongue. When it slides to my root of tongue, I feel slightly bitter. So I tell him my feelings.

"Yes, newcomers always say that, you always have the same feelings."

"Am I wrong?"

"No, somehow it is right, but you missed a lot."

Yes there are also many slight tastes, but I ignored them or just do not know how to describe them.

Then he begins to introduce some typical tea to me, I just can understand a small part of his words. I am very sure the he knows about that, but maybe he just wants to find someone to talk. Suddenly, a question comes to my mind.

“Some people say ‘Tea is from China but the teaism is from Japan.’ Is that right?”

“Yes, though I really do not want to admit it. There are a lot of Japanese choose to study intensively and do not care how much time it will cost. Some of them are good at record and teach. The long isolation of Japan from the world, the conducive to introspection improved the development of teasim.”