Stories 24 Pirate Twentieth Tea 2

- May 08, 2018-

Stories 24 Pirate twentieth Tea 2

Until he finishes his work, he turns around and invite me to sit. Finally I meet a "man" who speaks Chinese, but here I will translate it in to English.

"What kind of tea do you want?"

"Green tea please." In fect it is the only tea I know.

"Fried or steamed? "

"……" I even do not know what is his meaning.

"Seems you know seldom about tea, Iet me choose a tea for you."

"Thank you. Sorry for that, my families do not drink tea."

"Understand, now people have more drinks to choose. Besides, they have less time to sit and taste a cup of tea."

That's right, I always walk into the shop and buy cola or beer to drink.

He sits behind the tea sit and start making tea. His action is very leisurely, that means he is a master in this field.

"How many year have you worked on this area."

"20years, but maybe not work, just a hobby."

His words really astonish me.