Stories 23 Pirate Nineteenth Tea 1

- May 02, 2018-

Stories 23 pirate nineteenth Tea 1

Saying bye bye to the mouse and his student, I plan to visite another master, the mouse said he is good at tea making. But he did not tell me where the master is. I need to find the way.

Tea bushes grow well on the mountain fields, so first I need to leave this for. It's a easy task, I walk follow the road. 20 minutes later, the high trees are gone, but there are still green plants in my eyes. They are tea bushes. There is a house stands among the bushes, that must be the master's.

I walk towards the house,  I feel a strong pleasant smell. "He must be cooking." 

I knock the door lightly and come in, He is cooking tea with his hands, The tea leaves are in a hot wok (a kind of a hollowware). His hands are spatulas, stiring the tea leaves. And I know, they are also testing the temperature in the wok.