Stories 22 Pirate Eighteenth Talking

- Apr 26, 2018-

Stories 22 pirate eighteenth Talking

When I finish the cake. The mouse and his student sit on my opposite. At the moment they sit, my questions come out.

"Hey! Why can you speak and bake?"

"This island is very interesting, we were all human before we come here, but we become this after one week."

"Can you turn back?"

"Yes, some of us leave this island and they become human again after one week, I know it from his letter."

"Why do not you leave?"

"I am a baker, he is my student and his brother is a barista. On this island we can concentrate on promoting our skills. Now it is not easy to find a quiet place to study."

"Yes, you are right. But I am an idiot about cooking, not qualified to be your student."

"Are you a Chinese man? There is a mouse is doing tea making, you may be interested about it."

"Thank you, but why do you know that?"

"The accent, I have travel to many places."