Stories 21 Pirate Seventeenth Master

- Apr 24, 2018-

Stories 21 Pirate seventeenth Master

Saying bye bye to the pig barista, I walk along the cobbled road. Soon I see a cookie house, that must be his brother's. So I knock the door and enter in.

To my surprise, I see a mouse is making the stawberry cake, he is staring at the cake and try to flat the chocolate layer.  Then he drawes a flower with the cream and put a strawberry on it. Until that time, he notices me. 

"Hello, welcome." he smiles to me, then he turns left and shout to a pig stand in the corner, "Hi, come here and serve the customer!"

The pig walks slowly and serves the cake to me. After I taste the cake, I find it is more delicious than the dog's. The chocolate layer is crisper, the cake is softer, the cream is fresher. 

I say thanks to the pig and the mouse. The pig is very happy, but he can not show that on his face. Because the mouse is watching him.

"Why is he so strict to you?" I ask him quietly.

"He is my master." He anwsers.