Stories 20 Pirate Sixteenth Coffee

- Apr 20, 2018-

Stories 20 Pirate sixteenth Coffee

After breakfast, I want to have a walk, the dog tells me that I can go any place I want and all the stores are free. I become very happy and plan to taste all the stores.

Go out the cake store and turn left, there is a cafe around 200 meters. When I enter the shop, I see a pig is making coffee. He applies himself to this work with great energy, he does not find someone has came into this house. I knock the door to catch his attention, he finally raises his head and invites me to sit. Soon he serves me the coffee. The latte art is a smiling face. I take a sip and find it is not bitter.

"You are an Asian, so I give you the white coffee. "

"Right, thank you!"

When I enjoy the coffee and I suddenly remember something and ask him "Do you bake cakes?"

"No, that's my little brother, his cake is worth tasting. Just need to follow this cobbled road and you will find him."

"OK, thank you!"