Stories 19 Pirate Fifteenth Breakfast

- Apr 18, 2018-

Stories 19 Pirate fifteenth Breakfast

That is a really long journey, we almost walk for an hour. I ask him how many miles left, he tells me so we will reach our destination. About 10 minutes later, I hear the voice, at the same time, I smell something tasty in the air, that reminds me I do not have breakfast. So I ask him to bring me to that store.

He lead me to the store, I see a lot of cakes. A dog stand behind the counter and seems very nervous. The cake is shaped like a triangle, the storekeep invite me to try, I pick up one cake, it has four layers including stawberry cream and chocolate. The crunchy cake mkes me crazy, I eat five pieces.

When I am considering how to pay the dog, the storekeep cares little about that, he speak loudly "Ah, I know I am better than that pig!"

"Seems he is very happy."

"Yes, we prefer the pig's cake, I will choose it too if he is not my father."

At that time I know why he brought me here.