Stories 18 Pirate Fourteenth A Dog

- Apr 14, 2018-

Stories 18 Pirate fourteenth A Dog

When the cruise voyages to island, they leave me, and they throw a bottle of water for the mercy. Thanks to the comfortable temperature, I have a good sleep with a palm leaf.

The moment I open my eyes, I see a dog is staring at me. To my surprise, it sands with two feet, the rest of two feet (Maybe I need to call them hands)  are clasped behind its back. 

"Hello." I do no why I should speak to a dog.

"Hello." it replies me, that makes me feel excited. 

"Can you show me the island, I just came last night." 

"Sure, follow me."

I get up, at that time I realize that I am just a little higher then him. Yes, when my dog stands straight, it will reach my chest. 

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