Stories 17 Pirate Thirteenth Table Manners

- Apr 12, 2018-

Stories 17 Pirate thirteenth Table manners

After the captain changes the ring with his bride, we raise our wine glasses and drink, I finish all of the wine, but other people just take a sip. Then I hear some voice towards me. 

"That man is so rude, seems he never drink wine before."

"Right, only he does not wear the suits, the T-shirt mkes him look like a clown."

"Look, he can not even use the knife and fork, no one ever taught him?"

Seems I become a people not so unacceptable, so I put the knife and the fork down and stare at them, "Go ahead please. that's a funny talk." Seems my words infuriate them, they begin to complaint me to others.

The captain feels something is wrong, walk to us and listen to those old ladies' words. Then he tell me this cruise is for ladies and gentlemen, I do not belong to them, so they will abandon me.

OK, they are the boss. I just can swear them with my mother tongue and leave the hall.

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