Stories 16 Pirate Twelfth Wedding

- Apr 10, 2018-

Stories 16 Pirate twelfth Wedding

At around 7 pm, the wedding ceremony is begin, the bridegroom wears a black suit, on his left chest, there is a white rose. The bride is in a white wedding dress and escorted by bridesmaids, they are in blue dresses. People stand beside them are throwing petals to them, that is really a romantic scene. I am a celibatarian (in fect I am an otaku and never made a girlfriend before), but now I realize that wedding is a beautiful thing.

"The captain looks so young, he gets married so early." I say to myself.

"You can do it too, just say it to your loved girl, then you will marry her." A crew says that.

What? That easy? Do not need a house, a car, a large amount of money? They are the standard requirments in my country, so that is one of the reasons why I am still never know the tastes of love.