Stories 15 Pirate Eleventh Banquet

- Apr 08, 2018-

Stories 15 Pirate eleventh Banquet

When we get on board, we are warm welcomed by the crews, in fect our fishes are the hot consumer goods, at this time I remember the words "If you can bing us some fishes, you will be our heros." Fishes are everywhere in the ocean, but if we plan to fishing, we have to leave the ship and wait for another ship to pick up us. 

I ask them for water, they invite us to a banquet hall and bring us some food and wine. To my suprise, there are grapes, I have not eaten fruits for many days. 

"I see some ladies are decorating the hall, will here be a banquet?"

"Yes, there will be a wedding tomorrow, the bridegroom is our captain."

"Really? Congratulations!"

Seems we get on board at the right time.