Stories 12 Pirate Eighth Sailboat

- Apr 02, 2018-

Stories 12 pirate eighth Sailboat

After the drunkard disappear, someone calls me. "Young man, are you looking for a sailboat?" Follow, the voice, I see an uncle with brown beard, if its color is white and with a magic hat, I will regard him as a magician. I reply "Yes. that's right!" "OK, follow me."

Then, we step to the portside, I see a sailboat. I am a little excited and ask him "May I use it?" He answers "Stand still, I will bring my fishing rod." 5 minutes later, we lower the sailboat.

The first time I pick up the fishing rod, a question comes up. "How can we back to the corsair?" He is very clam and tell me do not worry. After I see his composure, I say nothing and begin to fishing.