Stories 11 Pirate Sixth Champagne

- Mar 30, 2018-

Stories 11 pirate sixth Champagne

After I finish the meal, I thought the chef told me that I can go fishing, that is great idea.

When I wondering how to do fishing, I see a drunkard rolled up to me, he stretch out a wine to me, "Bro, wanna drink."

Actually, I almost drink everyday, but the coffee and the orange juice make me can not drink any more.

"Next time, bro. Do you know if there is a boat?"

"Coat? Why? It's summer! You do not need that!"

"No, no, no I do not want a cloth."

"Close? Why? Do you think I am a drunkard and disgust you?"

I think we can not talk any more. Snatch the bottle and take a sip. He becomes excitedly and go away.   

"Maybe I need to correct my pronouciation."