Shenzhen Winpsheng Craft Company Ltd passed the ISO9001-2000

- Aug 09, 2016-

Shenzhen Winpsheng Craft Company has already passed ISO9001-2000, 

Certification ISO9001 family of standards is the concept of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1994 proposed refers (International Organization for Standardization quality assurance and quality management Technical Committee) by the ISO / Tc176 develop international standards. Basic introduction ISO9001 certification is used to confirm the organization has the ability to provide product that meets customer and applicable regulatory requirements and aims to enhance customer satisfaction.

ISO9001 certification requires companies fully implement customer-centric thinking, business practices comply with legal requirements, management continued to improve and increase, according to a comprehensive implementation of international standards of quality management system, and ultimately to obtain ISO9001 certification, reduce the enterprise customer investigation and review.

       Organization and implementation of the steps and the implementation of ISO9001 quality control system should be adopted as the primary plan, the implementation of some of the steps:

      1. Highest quality assessment should be made by the management as an element necessary for the enterprise.

      2. To establish the idea that the establishment of a standards of ISO9001 quality system is to enable companies to develop and obtain long-term interests of the foundation.

      3. by management of the company to adopt appropriate consideration ISO9001 standards, and propose an appropriate countermeasure implementation.

      4. Discussion with the upper management of the program and the use of ISO9001 quality assurance system to select the appropriate mode (ISO9002 or 9003) for implementation.

To a certain extent, the role of the ISO9001 certification program file to the repeatability and consistency of the process, and the role record is to confirm products, processes meet the requirements, the quality management system has been effectively. Accordingly, and other tools (such as a computer) as adopted by the organization, the document is only a tool to achieve the expected results. The final day of preparation of documentation is not organized, it should add value to the process through the development and use of iso9001 certification documents, namely, to ensure that the process and improve the effectiveness and efficiency.