Send A Greeting Card

- Aug 04, 2017-

Send a greeting card

First, Do not to write a greeting card until the last minute

Buy greeting card early so that you have enough time to write, send greeting cards, otherwise your recipients will not be able to receive your greeting cards in time.

So, Do not to write a greeting card until the last minute. You do not want to be found in the Christmas can only send New Year greeting cards, when New Year's Day found only can send the Spring Festival greeting cards, when the Spring Festival can only can send Mother day greeting cards.


Second, choose a good quality greeting cards, it is better if with festival stamps.

When you buy a greeting card, do not mean to choose the cheapest, worst old fashion greeting card - the greeting card you choose intuitively reflects your attention to customers and colleagues, so be sure to pick good quality.

To make a greeting card more festive atmosphere, you can also go to the post office to buy a special issue stamps.

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