See You

- Jul 06, 2018-

See you

Tomorrow I will leave the company and back to home, so this is the last news I write on this website.

I wrote the first news in the last year. At first, the news are some knowledge about this industry, but soon it became harder and harder. The knowledge became less and less, but I still need to update it. One day when I watched a card, something came up into my mind. The images on the card are very funny, maybe I could make up some stories about it. 

If you have read the news, you must know I am an Otaku (A man always stay in his room and is fond of anime or video games), so nothing can constraint my imagination. Then the long serial story was born, hope you will like it.

We always need to see bye-bye, hope you will find a good supplier, meanwhile, please remember to take a break and read a little story.