- Jan 27, 2016-

At that time, receiving and sending greeting cards is a trend, many festivals are duly received from students, holiday greeting card from a friend, sometimes unexpectedly received from unknown admirer of Valentine's cards.

Remember anonymous admirer secretly out of messy desks crammed into Valentine's Day card that deer against mood, a little shy, a little nervous, a little sweet, a little angry, look forward to, a little curiosity, a mixture forms a strange state of mind, the youth, it is always easy for disenchanted with things, he was like a Prince charming? Although never to know who is this anonymous confession, but because of this, he became in his memory with a sense of hope and a sense of mystery.

Greeting cards a little aesthetic a bit mysterious story fascinated young and green heart, inspire young heart that undercurrent ripple, hazy feelings of germination, which is as soft as a kitten and not quietly growing.