How To Write Greetings On Greeting Cards

- Nov 29, 2017-

How to write greetings on greeting cards

It is a thing costs your time and your thoughts to write a blessing to friends, you do not want to write on the card only "Merry Christmas" or "Wish You a Merry Christmas".

It is better more intimate and bit of personalization. You can first write the impression of this friend, or what kind of feeling that he/she gives you, express your feelings is also ok, such as he/she touched with you, which details make you identified the friend,.

you can also write your expectations and blessings. As long as your truth revealed, the reader will be moved.

And the greeting card has always been a very private gift, which will not have a fixed routine, the main purpose is blessing and communication.

The name of cardholder you should write done at the upper left corner, and sign your name in the bottom of the blessing or the lower right corner of the card, such as "With lots of love, xx" or "With every best wish, xx".