Hot Spring Retreat From Winpsheng

- Dec 30, 2019-

What special way do you choose to relax in winter? Enjoying hot springs must be the most enjoyable thing, especially after a week of hard work.


Last weekend, our sales team went to the hot springs in Xunliao Bay(巽寮湾), Huizhou, as our reward of sales performance in last month. It took about 2 hours by bus. We played word games on the way. Time flies. We didn’t even realize we arrived to the rented villa which was a big surprise for us. The villa is surrounded by flowers and trees, with fresh air and beautiful scenery. We all loved it very much.


There were a lot of hot springs with different temperatures. Besides, heath baths are indispensable, such as ginger bath, milk bath, flower bath…Hot springs are formed by natural waters that emerge from the bowels of the earth and that possess therapeutic properties said to have a positive effect on disorders of the nervous and digestive systems, the circulation, and the organs. It’s so comfortable to soak our bodies in the hot springs that we didn’t want to get away from them. We felt that every pore and organ is healed. Everyone had a complete relaxation.


The Xunliao Bay(巽寮湾) is also famous for various seafood and seascape. We all enjoyed every meal and had fun at the seaside.


This trip to the hot springs completely relaxed our bodies. We were more energetic back to work!

winpsheng team retreat