Greeting Card Design & Printing

- Oct 06, 2017-

Greeting Card Design & Printing

Greeting card is a kind of card that people greet each other during festive dates or events. People usually send cards on birthday, Christmas, New Year's Day, Spring Festival, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day…with blessings.


The printing of greeting card design are very strict. In the visual view, the design of greeting cards give people a strong impression, there can be touched elemental things which can quickly penetrate the people.


Greeting card printing for good quality depends on what kind of card paper we use, paper is good or bad accounted for a large part of the design of the card, directly determines the cost of printing and card quality.


In printing, regardless of from the paper, color, clarity and other requirements are very strict in every process. Only clear, bright feel comfortable and with the theme of the paper, in order to allow people to receive this greeting card surging, happy not forgetting the deep collection.