Fair Trade Appeared A New Direction

- May 10, 2017-

     Fair trade appeared a new direction

The first phase of the 121st Canton Fair came to an end on the 19th. Here comes the second phase, the gift exhibition will be held on April 23-27, 2017.

What is the new trend of foreign trade development of Card Industry this year? What are the new trends in enterprise transformation and upgrading? Where is the new space for foreign trade growth? Reporters to the Chinese economy "barometer," said the Canton Fair to find the answer.


Orders increased, Canton Fair on foreign trade is "warm"

To do card business of the American businessman has the 20th to the Canton Fair, he went to China to purchase the greeting card. "I like to buy products from China because the quality of the products here is guaranteed; the price is lower than other suppliers about 30%.

Enterprises generally believe that the cause of this change on the one hand, some of the international market recovery, on the other hand because the enterprise in the product upgrade up and down the effort.


Innovation, Brand, Service

For innovation, our factory has found up the Research & Development team, we have sample maker, 3d and graphic designers, electronic engineers, and structure engineers. We can make paper products according to your request. 

For brand, we create a new brand, Phoenix Gift. Not only accept ODM/OEM, but also we create own designs from our designers. We designed laser cut greeting cards, music greeting cards with a great deal of craft. We also add accessories on it, like different shape decorative wood, felt…

For Service, most of our staffs are professional to serve your order well.


That is Winpsheng.