Analysis Of Future Demand Of Greeting Card

- Jun 10, 2017-

Analysis of Future Demand of Greeting Card

Europe and the United States and other developed countries, the card market is more mature, and its consumer demand accounted for the majority of the global card industry market share. According to GIA statistics, the 2011 global greeting card market size of about 26.96 billion US dollars, of which the United States as the world's largest demand for greeting cards market, the size of the market in 2011 accounted for about 39.85% of the global market. The size of the greeting card market is expected to reach US $ 30.42 billion by 2015, and the average annual growth rate from 2010 to 2015 is 2.97%.


Emerging markets for global greeting cards include Asia Pacific and Latin America. With the development of regional economy, the improvement of residents' income level and the improvement of regional culture level, the greeting card industry in this kind of area has also entered a period of rapid development. According to GIA data, the Asia-Pacific region's card market size in 2011 was about 4.08 billion US dollars, is expected to reach 4.88 billion US dollars in 2015, an average annual increase of 4.54%. Asia Pacific is the world's fastest growing greeting card market.