3D Happy Birthday Pop Up Card

- Nov 20, 2017-

3D Happy birthday pop up card

All of us are looking forward to have a Memorable birthday. You can sent a birthday cake 3D laser cut card to your lover, friends and family, etc, convey and express your feeling.

Once you open the card, a birthday cake coming outward, giving the reader a surprise. Colorful petals decorate the cake, show us an active and vividly images and can’t help tasting it. The cover of the card, present us a laser pattern and words, a cake and text of happy birthday. The card is rectangular and folded. The size is 15*375px, packed with an envelope.

A standard greeting card is printed on high-quality paper. Cover: 220gsm bright red paper, Inner: 150gsm IK ivory paper, cake: 150gsm IK ivory paper, candle: 220gsm bright red paper, petal: 250gsm IK bright green paper and180gsm IK pink paper

Select the superior quality material, when you touch the card, you must shock by its texture.

pop up card2 (5).jpg