3. Who Should You Send A Greeting Card To

- Jul 31, 2017-

6. Your workplace model


A festive greeting card will be a good way for you to make the workplace model who you admire a long time. The man will be surprised and honored for your beauty words.


Note, however, that this is not a good time to ask for help or an interview - it will make your behavior look too selfish. If there is such a demand, wait until the New Year holiday passed.


Dear [name]:


Happy holiday! I am [the name of the company] [your name and title], In the past [X months / year] I pay attention to your career development track for a long time. I want to let you know that your personal story is motivating me very much: for me, (this person is the reason for your workplace). I am looking forward to  have the opportunity to communicate with you in the future.




your name