2018 World Cup 5

- Jul 05, 2018-

2018 World Cup 5

That is a long time since the 4 was written. During this time I went back home and had an interview, so soon I will resign and this story will come to an end even the World Cup is not finished.

The 8 eighth-finals are all over, I watched all of them and I caught a cold because of that. The biggest pity for me is the  lost of Japan, they acted as a tough army, created too many troubles for the 3rd team in the world. But the stamina for Asian is really worse than European (Shinji Okazaki was always replaced in 70 mintues in the Leicester City). I was their fan from 2010 (because our Chinese national team is just a joke), now I will always be their fan.

The Sweden is really a black horse, but their next rival is England, maybe that match will be funny. 

For the final champion, I think it will be Brazil. HAHA.