Shock! Winpsheng’s competition began

- Apr 20, 2017-

Shock! Winpsheng’s competition began

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Winpsheng had a competition from April 10 to June 10. All the sales are divided into three groups. They are “Wolf's Fang”, “A – Dragon”, and “DYC Happy”. All the sales of these three groups are very excited and high morale. They assist customers with their dedicated professionalism and warm service. Let customers have high quality products, including handmade greeting card, pop up card, 3d laser cutting card, music greeting crad, recordable voice greeting crad, LED lights greeting card... As the same time, customers can enjoy our good service.

Just a week pasted, Wolf's Fang seems to have a good news. A new customer of Niki is going to order two designs of pop up greeting cards. It made the atmosphere of the competition becomes more and more nervous. Now, all the sales are getting more and more excited.

Who do you think will be the final winner? What will the sales learn from this competition?  Let us wait and see.

all kinds of greeting cards