articles a week to write an article, and then to online publications to publish as much as possible.

- Jan 27, 2016-

Also put these articles on your own Web site. This will not only give you the website to create many connections, also encourages people to click to your site, and more importantly, in the eyes of your visitors you'll be an expert! they may start to search your name to find your site. As far as possible to their original, if not original, that's okay, too, allows users to create articles for you. As for how users in your original article, everyone has their own way. I used to know a webmaster, website IP is not particularly large, but the user is very active, not only in his many original articles written by users on the site, and the income generated by users is also very considerable. He of approach is joined has a page game platform bubble bubble play Union.popwan, then in himself of website Shang increased a game channel, do some publicity, guide user to play game, dang user addiction Yu which of when, on will spontaneous of in website Shang posts discussion, exchange game experience and so on, even user in game in the recharge of when, he also can extraction quite considerable of royalty. Because the Web game platform is equivalent to a Union, there is no threshold for webmasters, can join anytime and anywhere. Platform for webmasters to provide many types of Web games, so owners don't have to think about how to develop a running game, and entirely to gaming platform to do it, on its site webmasters need to do is open a channel that directs the user to play games, was accompanying stickiness increases and income increased.