Pop Up Gift Box 30th Birthday Greeting Card

Pop Up Gift Box 30th Birthday Greeting Card: 30th birthday is an important day for a man, after fighting for over ten years, they may have a good career. But setbacks always born with success, they hide behind the man. So it's a good time to send him a gift for his struggle.
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Pop Up Gift Box 30th Birthday Greeting Card

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When we are in trouble, that so-called self-esteem will be injured, naturally, some small emotions clog the heart. At the moment will dial the number of girlfriends to talk about some of the tiger's advice on the phone can always make my heart warm, all the worries with the ultrasound are thrown Cloud Nine. I said in a word she responded to each other to teach each other their coaching method, and each other to adopt each other's advice, encouraging each other with each other, and strive to present themselves in the solemn examination room.


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1. How to Order?

1).Inquiry by email or telephone or the other ways at first, tell me your requirement (Such as size, material and quantity).

2).Then please sent me your design (AI/CDR/FDF/PSD, Higher than 300dpi) .Or we can help you make the design.

2. What is the difference between a matte and a glossy finish?

We offer 3 finishes for our products:

1) Matte is a dull finish without a gloss or shine.

2) Gloss AQ is a gloss finish but not high gloss.

3) UV is a high gloss finish. It is a shiny non-writable surface.

3. How to start producing the sound module?

It is depend on what is the order quantity, normally, we will advise customer to do the small quantity order by OTP chip, and larger quantity order produced by mass IC chip.


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