Pop Up Funny Bus 50th Birthday Greeting Card

Pop Up Funny Bus 50th Birthday Greeting Card: There is a funny bus in this card, the driver is an elephant, passengers are animals too. Sending this funny card to a 50-year old people seems a little weird, but it will absolutely make him laugh.
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Pop Up Funny Bus 50th Birthday Greeting Card

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Her vile words are like mom's repetition machine, but just right comforting made me feel like I was no longer fighting alone, but fortunately you. Growing we are always puzzled: What is life? What is happiness? Drowsiness we broke into the door of the youth, where we have experienced the triviality in life, the helplessness of life, and the vicissitudes of life in the world, stumbled to find the most warm life in the ownership.


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We have offset printing printers, digital printing printers and web printing printers. According to different quantities, we use different printers to print. You can get the competitive price.

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Our led flashing module and sound module without plastic case don't have MOQ require, you can order any quantity you want.

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Regarding the small quantity order, we can send them by DHL/Fedex express which we have 35% discount and the large quantity goods are shipped by ocean shipping according to client’s demands.


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