Pop Up Coffee Cup Birthday Greeting Card

Pop up coffee cup birthday greeting card: There is a cup of coffee hides in this pop up card. Sitting face to face and sharing a cup of coffee, that is a scene full of love and romance. This card will be a good birthday gift to the one you love.
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Pop up coffee cup birthday greeting card

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Back to her side, but found that we did not have as strange as I imagined, there will be a layer of estrangement, in fact, we can still talk to the same old days, you can sit together and feel happy In fact, the friendship between us has not been weakened by the passage of time. You are still the target whom I can talk about, and I am still your most loyal fan. We are still the best girlfriends and friends.


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1. What kind of paper can be printed on?

 Art paper gives the best performance of color and design. We also can provide other special paper like black card, white card, offset paper and PU leather etc.

2. Could you make OEM order?

 Yes, sure. Most of our products are made according to the customers' designs. Please send us AI or PDF design art, MP3 or MAV format sound file. Our designers and electronics engineers could help to work out the final products.

3. How much does it cost and ship to my country?

The price is based on quantity, craft and design details. Freight will be given by the freight company based on your Gross Weight and CBM. Before we make a sample, we just can give you an approximate price.


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