Newly Product Reliable Quality Beautiful Handmade Birthday Greetinig Cards

Newly Product Reliable Quality Beautiful Handmade Birthday Greetinig Cards

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Newly product reliable quality beautiful handmade birthday greetinig cards

Product detail

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Friends can be divided into several types according to their distance. Friends are recent friends, followed by ordinary friends. Most of them are friends. Not far away, not easy to contradict. Dealing with ordinary friends, do not engage too deep, too deep and easy to produce contradictions. To maintain a certain distance, it is more conducive to maintaining a good general friend relationship.

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1. How can I get the accurate price?

There are some basic specs we need to know for price calculate, that is: the quantity, the size, the products shape (photos), the material& color printing& surface finishing(can refer to explain pictures on our website), and then the best price will be send to you on time.

2. What's your price?
The price will base on your music time, customized module and material, etc. So please prepare your wanted music, your design, surface finishing if you want and send to us, we will give you an exact price.

3. How to measure the webbing handle?

There are two ways - we measure handle length from handle attachment point.

Some people measure the "drop height" which is the highest point of the handle measured in a vertical line to the top rim of the bag.

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