New Design Pop Up Coffee Cup Wedding Greeting Card

New Design Pop Up Coffee Cup Wedding Greeting Card

New Design Pop up coffee cup wedding greeting card: There is a cup of coffee hides in this pop up card, the latte art on the surface are two connected hearts, this sweet scene means the romance in love. Sitting face to face and sharing a cup of coffee, that will be a good love story.
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New Design Pop up coffee cup wedding greeting card

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"Something in my heart made me realize that I had lost her. But all of this is what I blame for myself. Maybe the difference between me and her is a bit of reminiscence. Maybe I'm with her. There will be no more intersections, because the way we go may be a parallel road, or maybe this is a crossroads, but we missed the intersection, and the distance between us may increase with the passage of time As early as when I first met, I realized that the coming of this day is an inevitable result.


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1. What kind of printers do you have?
We have offset printing printers, digital printing printers and web printing printers. According to different quantities, we use different printers to print. You can get the competitive price.

2. Can you make samples based on our design or idea?
Yes, we can make the samples based on your design and idea. We can make the 3D artwork based on your idea for your check and then we go on the samples.

3. What is the difference between a matte and a glossy finish?

We offer 3 finishes for our products:

1) Matte is a dull finish without a gloss or shine.

2) Gloss AQ is a gloss finish but not high gloss.

3) UV is a high gloss finish. It is a shiny non-writable surface.


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