Wholesale Hot Foil Thanksgiving Greeting Cards

Wholesale Hot Foil Thanksgiving Greeting Cards

Wholesale hot foil thanksgiving greeting cards Advanced manufacturing facilities, mature technology Great value cost-effective.

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Wholesale hot foil thanksgiving greeting cards

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Home is a warm harbor, no matter when, both parties can feel the existence of thick warmth. Sincerely care for the other half of life, since he is the chosen life-long companion, we must spend a lifetime to understand him and understand him. At home, you can be completely open to the world, and you can fully trust. You can fully understand that we make our home full of happiness. It is enough for us to feel satisfied. At the same time, we should always maintain the ties of families.

Welcome to custom all kinds of thanksgiving greeting cards!

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1. How much does it cost and ship to my country?

The price is based on quantity, craft and design details. Freight will be given by the freight company based on your Gross Weight and CBM. Before we make a sample, we just can give you an approximate price.

2. How to make sure the quality is good and the delivery is on time?         

We do QC for raw material, on printing, after printing, and before packing.  

Production sample to be sent 10 days before delivery. We will send you inspection photos before delivery. Production report to be sent everyday to keep you up to date. We give you quality guarantee and on-time-delivery guarantee.

3. How to get sample?

In principle, the sample fee and freight need to be charged by your side, they will be returned after placing a big order. Then Music and outer appearance design should be sent to us. We will make samples for you.

4. What is your minimum order quantity?
As a general rule our MOQ is 500pcs. Although on occasions we have produced for less than 1000. However, for small quantity will cost very high when considering reproduction, printing, tooling and set-up costs.

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