Summer Discount Handmade Wedding Engagement Cards for Wedding Day

When the bride in white wedding dress walks towards the bridegroom, this is the most important time in their lives. Everyone will cheer for this scene even a stranger. At this time, a greeting card will convey everything.
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Summer discount handmade wedding engagement cards for wedding day

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In the long future, many people are always confused in the face of love, unwittingly lost on the road, and my love to marriage, is also going around, even around the circle or back to each other's side , Turn around, you are mine.

I just hope we can all be well together, and that there will be a warm and happy life at home when we have a happy and happy family. Love is overnight, love is from the heart to old, for you to do things that seem impossible to be precious!

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1. Can you print other foreign languages besides English?

Yes, every  languages is okay ,just provide us with the wording Then we will email you the text draft , after you confirm it and will take responsibility for any mistakes, therefore please check the draft carefully.

2. Can I get a sample before mass production?

Of course! The normal produce progress is that we will make the pre-production sample for your quality evaluation. The mass production will be started after we get your confirmation on this sample.

3. Your company's custom printing products really have no MOQ?

Yes, because we have a flexible supply chain, So accept printing customization with no moq, In addition to, the needs of special shape to make the mold products, such as circular cardboard boxes and other special cases, The conventional cardboard gift box is basically have no minimum quantity,1 product from customization.

4. What's your price?
The price will base on your music time, customized module and material, etc. So please prepare your wanted music, your design, surface finishing if you want and send to us, we will give you an exact price.


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