Happy Birthday Greeting Card

1. Happy birthday greeting card 2. Customized design and service 3. Greeting card and good ideas
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Happy birthday greeting card

When talking about champagne, some happy scenes will be presented in our mind. For holding a birthday party, it is also enssential. Besides, the people who will celebrate with you are the most important. They will accompany you and share your happiness. At that day, wish you and your friends will have a good time. 

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33. What kind of paper can be printed on?

 Art paper gives the best performance of color and design. We also can provide other special paper like black card, white card, offset paper and PU leather etc.

64. What’s the order process

1. We will send you a pre-production sample.

2. We will send you a mass production sample after confirmation.

3. QC report after finishing production.

4. Daily report, Update you the processing with pictures.

5. Update the shipping information, when will arrive in your port.

114. What’s your main market?

We would like to do business with worldwide customs.

Any inquiries are warmly welcome, no matter which country do you come from.

Currently, our main and big clients are from Europe and the United States.


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