Handmade Green Grass Wedding Greeting Card

Handmade Green Grass Wedding Greeting Card

Handmade green grass wedding greeting card: What may exist in a garden? The green grass and all kinds of flowers, red, white, yellow, purple. The most important thing is the love that bride and bridegroom send to each other. This beautiful wedding card will shining in the couple's most important day.
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 Handmade green grass wedding greeting card

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Female friends will be more concerned about life and emotions, to provide you with their own gourmet experience or travel tips, and may also be able to find you the object, or tell you which old classmates in the previous class got married, to find what kind of happiness , You can always find a hint in it and you must try hard to get rid of this year alone. You see, I do not necessarily become uninteresting because I'm alone, I'm not even interested in my friends.

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1. What service can you provide besides printing service?
If you want to distribute your printing products in China or Asia, we can provide low distribution cost and free storage for you. And if you need deliver the printing products to exhibitions in China, we can help you to deliver on time.

2. What about the delivery time?

Different products and quantities require different procedures and different timing. We can promise to try our best to finish your orders within the shortest time. Normally it costs about 15 to 45 days for completing production. For more information, please contact us directly.

3. Can you do the design for us?

Yes, we have a professional team having rich experience in Wedding favors design and manufacturing. Just tell us your idea; we will help to carry out your idea into perfect boxes, such as size, color, your own logo....


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