Handmade Glitter Piano N' Rose Birthday Greeting Card

Handmade Glitter Piano N' Rose Birthday Greeting Card

Handmade glitter piano N' rose birthday greeting card:A flaming red rose lies on the white key board,they represent the graceful things.A piano means their soul to musicians while it means a kind of mood to ordinary people,but the rose means love to everyone.People playing piano receive this card,they will be inspired to be a better player.
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Handmade glitter piano N' rose birthday greeting card

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Words for friends: As a child, we are partners, tired of every day talking and laughing, doing the best childhood dream. At that time, do not know the real meaning of girlfriends, but a strong feeling around you are nice.

Go to school together, after school Play together and play games. Fumble together. Shadowless holding each other's hands through the footsteps of youth. Although secondary school has passed for 10 years, it seems that we were in school yesterday.

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1. How about your after-sale service?

You can be assured of our service, find any problems after you receive the product, you can contact us at any time, and we will solve the problems  promptly and patiently.

2. How do I set up my file?

Remember to design your file in CMYK at 300 and 100% print size. Include any special instructions in a separate file or separate layer. And don’t forget the bleed and safety areas. Indicate deadlines, and kiss cuts on separate layers.

3. What is your MOQ

Our led flashing module and sound module without plastic case don't have MOQ require, you can order any quantity you want.

Sound module with housing have quantity limit due to plastic materials, details please contact us.


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