Custom Special Internet Valentine Greeting Cards for Valentine Day

Custom special internet valentine greeting cards for Valentine dayProduct name: Custom special internet Valentine greeting cards for Valentine dayMaterial: 120-250g special paperColor: Red, yellowSize
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Custom special internet valentine greeting cards for Valentine day

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Bless words for parents: I am still a child in front of you, a not mature child, because you forget me from before, still so simple in front of you, I want years of ruthless, passionate, life-long, is your oath, I would like to track your footsteps forever, I feel like we are like a lover, from small to large has not changed, thank you for taking care of me, I am willing to pay for life, and this is me The same promise, from childhood to everyone, every family has your care, I think you are the pillars of our family.


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1. What service can you provide besides printing service?
If you want to distribute your printing products in China or Asia, we can provide low distribution cost and free storage for you. And if you need deliver the printing products to exhibitions in China, we can help you to deliver on time.

2. What about the lead time for mass production?

To be honest, it depends on the quantity and the season you place orders, the best record we made is delivering 10,000 greeting cards within a week. Generally speaking, we suggest that you start inquiry two month before the date you would like to get the products at your country.

3. How to produce a sound module?

We search our data base to match what the sound you looking for when you gave us your idea, since we have standard voice and melody .If your sound is not the standard. Then it need to customer made.