Customize Large Size Cake Recordable Cards

Customize Large Size Cake Recordable Cards

Customize Large Size Cake Recordable Cards: 5 burning candles stand on the top of the birthday cake, those will be a big surprise for him. A delicious birthday cake will lead a happy time, while the blessings through your voice will stay much longer.
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Customize large size cake recordable cards

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If the friendship disappears, then the world will lack the pain of separation and no painful consequences. How can one experience the pleasures of pleasure? Only numb fellow corpses may walk like dead bodies and loneliness.

Well, the definition of friendship - not a few words and phrases, is not a long story, broad and talkative.

Farewell, dear friendship. Belonging to our most simple youth, let us fly together dream ...


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1. Why choose us?

1. One stop service from Design to Printing  2. Competitive price guarantee

3. ISO 9001 & SGS certificated  4. Fast delivery

5. 24 hours attentive service mind  6. 100% Return Policy

7. Convenient location  8. Welcome factory inspection

2. How does it light up? 
As the fiber optics are good with light conductivity, we make the fiber optic connected with different color LEDs, the fiber optic will show the LED colors. When you press the button, it will light up.

3. Can you make a design for me within 15 days since the order has been confirmed?

According to your requirement, we can add your company logo, website, phone number or your ideas...on box .And you could choose the color you prefer, .our professional designer will do the design work for you.


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