Customize Large Size Balloons Recordable Cards

Customiz large side balloons recordable cards: With many colorful balloons lie on ground, a peaceful scene presents on the cover. Maybe that will call the childhood memories, while the best wishes through voice will certainly call the ture friendship.
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Customize large side balloons recordable cards

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Because we can not really get through, how many things you have seen, how many scenery, how many people, but friendship how much you have gone through. Every corner may have traces we left behind, but there are more or less our stories on every trail.

Very scared of acquaintance, as if the end of the day, as if to leave, I seem to be able to pierce through time, see the scene we are away - your back, my back.




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1. What kind of printers do you have?
We have offset printing printers, digital printing printers and web printing printers. According to different quantities, we use different printers to print. You can get the competitive price.

2. What's the battery type?
Normally we use the cell button batteries(CR2032, AG10,AG13) for small items such as the light up journal, greeting card, hat, photo frames. Sometimes we use AA or AAA batteries for bigger items such as the wall art, the display items.

3. What is the biggest advantage compared to the rivals? 
We are one of the earliest DIY craft and paper products supplier. We are proud of our wide product range, strict quality control, good after-sale service and stable customer relationships. 


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