Music Wedding Invitation Card

1. Music wedding invitation card 2. Customizd image and music 3. Professional electronic card factory
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Music wedding invitation card

Music wedding invitation card is a kind of fancy invitation card. Nowadays, people tend to send a simple card to tell their guests the time and place of the banquet. Its only usage is a notice. If you can send a music invitation card, your friend will feel your sincerity and it is also a good souvenir to keep.

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1. Can We Have Our Logo or Company Information on Your Products or Package? 

Sure. Just need to send us your logo and tell us what surface finishing you want, then your logo can be shown on the products by printing, UV Varnishing, Hot Stamping, Embossing, Debossing, Silk screen Printing or Sticker.

2. How much does it cost and ship to my country?

The price is based on quantity, craft and design details. Freight will be given by the freight company based on your Gross Weight and CBM. Before we make a sample, we just can give you an approximate price.

3. How to produce a sound module?

We search our data base to match what the sound you looking for when you gave us your idea, since we have standard voice and melody .If your sound is not the standard. Then it need to customer made.


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