Corporate Picture Xmas Postcards To Print

Corporate picture xmas postcards to print Product Detail Card Detail Paper 250g/300g art paper, uncoated paper, special paper, etc.
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Corporate picture xmas postcards to print

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Friends are a kind of knowing each other. Friends get along is a mutual recognition, mutual admiration, mutual appreciation, mutual perception of the process. Each other's strengths, strengths, highlights, beauty, will be reflected in your mind, panoramic view, even if a little bit valuable friend, will be your upward energy, become your life-long motivation and source. Friends of wisdom, knowledge, ability, passion, is to attract you near the magnetic force and strength. At the same time, everything about you is also a friend's process of knowing and perceiving you.

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1. How about your after-sale service?

You can be assured of our service, find any problems after you receive the product, you can contact us at any time, and we will solve the problems  promptly and patiently.

2. What solutions & capability to ensure good quality?

1. Most latest and updated printing machines and facility

Pre-press: Key to successful print

Printing master: Management system ISO9001 & GMI certificates

2. In-house inspection piece by piece, procedure by procedure based on QC factors and reports.

3. How will you control product quality? Are your products environmental? Could you please provide ROHS report?

We strictly control every detail of production, and every product is inspected by our QC team before delivery. Our products are environmental and we could provide ROHS report