2018 Christmas Music Greeting Card

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2018 Christmas music greeting card

Christmas for children is the happiest day, new clothes, a big meal, Christmas trees, candies and a lot of funny toys. But I think what they expect most is the gift which the Santa Cluas will bring to them. Maybe they are still thinking about the gifts in their dreams. You can put this card with gifts in the bag, be quiet, do not wake them up.

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1. How to get sample?

In principle, the sample fee and freight need to be charged by your side, they will be returned after placing a big order. Then Music and outer appearance design should be sent to us. We will make samples for you.

2. What's your price?
The price will base on your music time, customized module and material, etc. So please prepare your wanted music, your design, surface finishing if you want and send to us, we will give you an exact price.

3. How to start producing the sound module?

It is depend on what is the order quantity, normally, we will advise customer to do the small quantity order by OTP chip, and larger quantity order produced by mass IC chip.


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