LED Wedding Invitation Card

1. Led wedding invitation card 2. Custom music and images 3. Professional electronic card factory
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Led wedding invitation card

A Led wedding invitation card is not common as a handmade wedding invitation card, so when your guests receive this card, they will feel surprise and happy, maybe they will keep it for a long time. Just need to press the button, then the music plays and light start shining. Believe mem  it is also a good toy for kids.

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1. How the product pricing and how to consult prices?
We pricing the products according to the customers' choice on materials, printing, and other process flow and so on. And you can inquiry by TM, skype or send e-mail to us.

2. How does it light up? 
As the fiber optics are good with light conductivity, we make the fiber optic connected with different color LEDs, the fiber optic will show the LED colors. When you press the button, it will light up.

3. What is your MOQ

Our led flashing module and sound module without plastic case don't have MOQ require, you can order any quantity you want.

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