Our History

Before introducing Winpsheng, let's go back in the past for us to tell you about a story. The founder of Winpsheng is a couple- Mr John Sun & Mrs Phoenix Zhou. They worked for a gift company in Shenzhen for more than 10 years before they set up Winsheng. They grew up there from a new graduate to a professionist. Phoenix was in charge of the sales and marketing while John was responsible for the purchasing. Because they are obessed with cards and the willing to start a new life, they found their own company. That is the start of Winpsheng.

Winpsheng has focused on paper crafts products for more than 11 years in China. We started as a small workshop with 100 m2 but now have become a leading manufacturer in high-end greeting card with 6000 m2 in 3 floors.

Our market has expanded from Germany to all over the world. The product range has enriched from handmade card to music box, from no functional gift items to functional like music and light ones. Our turnover has increased from $100,000 to $ 4M. 

Each of our items is inspired by our spirit of love, dreams, wishes and other fabulous things of life. Well-written cards can be some of the least expensive and most meaningful gifts you will ever give.

                                                      Our Factory

Sales teamWinpsheng Factory Photo

                                                      Our Products

Winpsheng products include the following:

1. Greeting card, including handmade greeting cards, electronic greeting cards(music/sound recordable

cards, led music cards…), pop up cards, laser cut cards…

2. Sound module: music module, sound recordable module, led light module, light sensor module,

human body sensor sound module, USB sound module…

3. Boxes: music paper box, folded music box, velvet music box

4. Notebook: paper notebook, music notebook, led music notebook

5. Others: sticky note, gift bag, display box…

our product

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